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This Pilates course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in Pilates principles, anatomy, teaching techniques, and client management. By the end of this course, you will have the expertise to lead safe, effective, and engaging Pilates classes. This course is recognized and accredited by CTAA under the guidance of our Learning Partners Syllabus.

Introduction to Pilates


The Classical and Modern Movements


Sequence Planning and Cue Techniques


Understanding of Systems and Movement of the Body


Guidance on Setting Up Your Business.


You’ll Get

Accreditation in Mat Pilates


Global Opportunities


Access to the Majestic Movement Community



I’m so happy that I did the course. I unlocked so much in myself that I didn’t think possible. The course was really well structured and fit into my life really well. I’m so glad that I did and feel so grateful for Laura’s support and guidance.”

Graduate 2023


Really enjoyed my first Pilates class with Laura. She was outstanding so good, really supportive and controlled. Being my first time and just healing from a injury, she guided me in best way possible with the movements!!”.

Fiona Rose


Amazing course , Laura is helpful and always on hand , she is your number one fan”

Graduate 2023



01/ Is there any prior experience or education required?

Although this course starts with the basics and we build up knowledge as we go on, it is recommended that you have 6 months experience in attending Mat Pilates class.

02/ What accreditation will I receive?

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Level 3 Diploma certificate in Mat Pilates allowing you to teach Mat Pilates. This course is recognized by an accredited association.

03/ Do I need to do it in person?

Our course is offered via online, hybrid or in person. Location, experience and other factors will determine the best approach for you. Enquire today.  


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